When Should I Replace My Old Plumbing?

You should not replace something if it is still working perfectly just because it is old. Do you know when you should replace your old plumbing systems? When it starts to show these signs:

When the water stops being clear

Water is supposed to be clear and transparent. So when you open the tap and see the water is any color but clear, you should be worried. Water with darker color usually means your pipes are rusting. Water flowing through your plumbing pipes can pick up and carry any rust that exists in your pipes.

When the water starts to smell

Water with any sort of odor could indicate a buildup of bacteria within the pipes. This could lead to some parts of your plumbing system needing to be replaced right away.

When you begin to notice mold

When you notice a dripping pipe or plumbing fixture, with a brown water stain or mold, contact your reliable South Park Plumbers immediately. The longer you let leaky pipes sit, the more damage your home will suffer.

When you notice a decrease in your water pressure

A shrinkage of water pressure could be an early warning sign of plumbing issues. The first thing to check is whether your water heater is still in perfect condition. A sudden loss of pressure can happen when your water heater breaks down. However, a slower change in pressure can indicate a leaky pipe, too. Old iron pipes can also be a culprit since they can get clogged with the rust accumulated over time, reducing the pressure of the water as it moves through them.

When you experience clogged or slower drains

A clogged drain might not seem like too big of a problem, but it can indicate a more serious problem in the long run. Sometimes, slow-moving or clogged drains happen because of poor returns in the pipes. If your vents are damaged or blocked, you need a plumbing professional to evaluate the problem and make necessary repairs immediately.

Plumbing doesn’t always age how you want it to, especially if you don’t provide it with regular maintenance it needs. So when you need plumbing pipes or fixtures repaired, maintained, or replaced, give South Park Plumbers a ring today!